HotZone™ electric infrared spot heater's designed for outdoor use.

  • Patented IRLens™ compound reflective lens focuses heat output.
  • Raises the temperature of a targeted area by as much as 15°.
  • Quiet, instant, odorless heat costs about one-tenth as much as propane.
  • The heater can be adjusted up/down.
  • Lightweight for easy installation on wall or ceiling.
  • Available in silver vein hammertone finish as well as white, black and aluminum (uncoated).
  • HotZone® heaters are manufactured in the USA.


Exterior Outdoor Heaters: Models & Specifications

  • The heater unit itself is ETL certified to UL 2021 (Fixed and Location Dedicated Electric Room Heaters)
  • Includes universal ceiling and wall mount assembly for installation on new or existing junction box
  • Shell temperature approximately 190º F
  • Heating element is rated for approximately 2000 hours of use


Model Mount Type Width Height Depth
1500 Watt Ceiling 14″ 20.5″ 14″
Wall 14″ 14″ 16.5″
3000 Watt Ceiling 20″ 22.5″ 20″
Wall 20″ 20″ 18.5″
Mounting Height & Combustible Distance

HZe15120UX HZe30120.240UX
Min Mounting Height 72″ from floor 72″ from floor
Combustible Distance
from heater face 48″ 66″
from heater top 9″ 18″


Model> Box Size Weight Carrier
HZe15120UX -1500 watt 15″ x 15″ x 12″ 8 lbs UPS
HZe30120.240UX -3000 watt 22″ x 22″ x 16″ 15 lbs UPS
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