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Having attended the Hearth Patio & Barbecue Show for 20 years, we knew that the same old steel studs and stucco sided kitchens were old hat and would never last. Steel ALWAYS RUSTS outside and stucco will mildew or rot depending on the base material used.

We chose aluminum. Light weight, rustproof and performance finishes that stand up to UV rays, power washing and beverage spillage. You can take it when you move, without calling a crane or move it to a new preferred location on the patio.

We can size your kitchen to accept your trusty existing grill or outfit it with one of our patented PW Sikes Cookers . The ALR Kitchen system is a modular system that can be configured as a buffet for preparing and serving, a bar with ice storage and a cooking kitchen.


Refrigerator Module for Outdoor Kitchen

Drawer Module for Outdoor Kithcen

Cabinet Module for Outdoor Kitchen

Grill Module for outdoor kitchen

Sink module for outdoor kitchen

Filled Corner Module for Outdoor Kitchen

Corner Module for Outdoor Kitchen

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Key Features

  • All aluminum construction for a lifetime of service and environmental responsibility
  • Class 1 Architectural Finishes
  • Matching Cocktail Tables with integrated Fire Pit
  • Beverage Center option for food and beverage service only
  • Solid surface and tempered glass surface options
  • Champagne, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Deco Beige

Beverage Center

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A great day celebrating with friends & family will require food and drinks. The optional ALR Beverage Center is manufactured from stainless steel with insulated dual sinks that will maintain your ice for hours on end. It can be permanently plumbed or fitted with a 12 volt pump and reservoir for water service. The multi-bottle speed rack provides quick service pours for your guests.

This is a great option to add the beverage center with the PW Sikes Cooker to have all of the best entertaining possibilities for your guests. Experience builds memories and that is what makes your guests remember your hospitality. Next we will re-invent food preparation with the PW Cookers with Sikes cooking technology.

PW Sikes Cookers

Whether you’re just throwing on a few burgers for a small family get-together or you’re cooking a five-course gourmet meal, you’ll find that there virtually nothing you can’t do on a Sikes Cookers. Our unique design allow for a variety of different cooking methods and techniques; grill, roast, sear, steam, fry, boil, baked and everything in between. Our patented new grilling process allows our users to get the absolute most out of their outdoor cooking experience.

All Weather Grill

The origin of social activity for people was the sharing of the work and the rewards of eating. People became more advanced over other animals because of the extra energy available through cooked food. No social activity for people resonates in the heart, like sharing a meal together.

The PW Sikes Cookers have 4 patents that clearly separate this cooking device from all other outdoor grills;

  • Patent #6,038,934 describes a “Convection Based Cooking Apparatus with Improved Air Flow.
  • Patent #6,143,341 describes a “Convection Based Cooking Method with Flow of Combined Heated Air and Steam”.

The most meaningful result is that food can NEVER be burnt and the moisture assures juicy meats and perfect textured vegetables.

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How the Cooker Works


1. The left hand side of the grill is where the burners are located. This is the direct heat side. Use this side for direct heat. Sear a steak, boil a pot of potatoes, etc. over direct heat on this side. Use it like your stovetop at home.


2. Splitting these two sides is the feature that really makes this grill revolutionary, The Water Partition.
Placing water in this chamber keeps your food moist and juicy as steam from the heated water is forced over and thru it. You don’t have to worry about drying out your food like you do on other grills.


3. The right hand side is the indirect heat side. It is basically just like a convection oven. Heat is forced down over and around your food on this side. Cooking is even and thorough.


4. Placing a small amount of water under the cooking grate on the indirect side makes for easy cleanup. As fat, grease etc., drip from your food on the indirect side, it is caught in the water underneath. A drain valve in the back of the grill can then be opened to flush it all away. Add to the fact that the bars on our cooking grates roll so you can reach both sides of the grates without flipping them over, clean up is a snap.

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