Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard colors for the roof and can I order the roof in any other colors?

The standard colors White, Cream, Taupe and Dark Bronze (see the image below). We can do custom colors but there will be a delay to schedule the powder coating and it must be a Super Durable Polyester powder to get the required outdoor performance. We have over 50 colors available.
Sample Color Chips

Will I need a building permit to erect my louvered roof?

Local authorities establish the rules for building in most incorporated cities and towns. ARL has established a complete set of engineering standards that are available in those areas that require a building permit. These standards will enable the building inspector to understand the safety of the roof design and the quality of the erection.

You can check engineering for your area here and click on the Building Codes tab.

What is the largest roof that can be erected?

The largest roof with a single motor to operate the opening and closing is 24’ louver length and 18’ rafter length. We have a splice kit that joins rafters end for end to produce virtually an unlimited length roof. Each additional roof segment will require an additional motor so each spliced roof can operate independently or in unison. Our remote control can operate up to 6 joined roofs. The Arches National Park roof is over 100 feet long!

What is the biggest problem with the roof?

None really. But sometimes the customers forget and try to open or close the roof when it is frozen and the motor can be damaged. You should not operate the roof when below freezing or loaded with snow.

Can I install the roof myself?

We almost always recommend against installing the roof without the participation of the authorized ALR Dealer. We do not want any of our customers to have difficulties with the roof performance so we strongly discourage non-professional installation.

How many roofs have you made and installed?

Thousands ! And more are installed every year.

Do you offer any financing programs?

Yes we do. 12 months same as cash and a 5 year financing plan.

What types of features can I add to the roof to enhance the outdoor experience?

The most popular option is the addition of a ceiling fan. We also offer an integrated LED lighting system, a solar energy system for remote installations, an automatic wind/rain sensor that will automatically close the roof when it starts raining and a misting system that will really lower the temperature under the roof. If you have any further ideas we encourage you to share them with us.

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