Adjustable Patio Cover Videos

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The Rain and Shadow – Louvered Roof Opening and Closing

The louvered roof patio cover opening & closing, while seeing the shadow and rain run off the roof

4 Videos of the Louvered Roof

The louvered roof patio cover opening & closing, from 4 different shots

A montage of the Louvered Roof Patio Cover Opening & Closing

This video shows the patio cover opening and closing with shots of its shadow

Arches National Park

Our new patio cover installation at Arches National Park

A New Type of Patio Cover

A good demonstration video. This one shows the louvered roof patio cover open & close and provides a good amount of information about the product too.

Bring on the Rain!

An impromptu video by our VP of Sales,… during a rain storm.

Snap in the Louvers

This video on how to create a sales-demo kit shows how easy it is to install the louvers

Our Installation Series