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Louvered Roof Features

Custom Designed

Each and every one of our louvered roofs are custom designed and installed for each project. Go ahead, surprise us. We love a design challenge!

Nation Wide Locations

Our dealerships have a world wide presence and with more being added everyday you are sure to find an American Louvered Roof Systems dealer near you.

Innovative Manufactoring

Our factory is located in Louisville, KY and industry recognized as one of the United States premier aluminum extrusion, fabrication and finishing companies.

Recently Added Products

Patio Cover Information

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The Louver

This is our Louver. It is what provides the shade for a patio cover. It is also the adjustable portion of the patio cover.
This Louver is made from extruded aluminum and is extremely strong and durable.

The Rafter

patio Cover Rafter
This is a Rafter. A rafter is what holds a louver in place and is also what controls the movement of the louvers.
Within the rafter is a separate hollow channel that can be used for running cables and wiring, as well as areas for future customization such as speakers or LED lighting.


The Aluminum Beam

ALRS Support Beam
Designed specifically for use with our louvered roofs and aluminum post, these beams are easily cut for any type of customization.


The Aluminum Post

Aluminum Post Sales Kit
Our aluminum post is configurable to almost any style. Choose from a fluted, flat or column design, complete with matching trim.

The Vinyl Post

These vinyl can be used as an alternative to using our aluminum post. Available in 4 different styles all complete with trim, there is a post for every home design.

4 Stocked Standard Colors

Standard Color Options

Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance

Louvered Roofs by American Louvered Roof Systems have been calculated to qualify for Miami-Dade County wind requirements which are the toughest in the Country. American Louvered Roof Systems has Engineering specifications for most States and are available to purchase with a wet stamp generic copy or site specific.

Check Your State

Our hurricane wind designs have been evaluated by a Florida licensed Professional Engineer and will meet the wind requirements of the Miami-Dade Building Department and other cities within the high velocity hurricane zone “HVHZ”. In some cases you will need site specific drawings and calculations to specifically indicate to the Building Department the exact configuration of your proposed canopy. You can also visit our engineered generic product evaluation listing on Approval Zoom .

Michigan Engineering

We also have Michigan state high snow load engineering with limits up to 80lbs psf (about 3′ of snow depending on moister content).

Wet stamp engineering plans for most of the U.S., are available for $30 per set plus shipping.

To our knowledge and in-depth research, American Louvered Roof Systems is the only louvered roof product in the World to have these specifications.